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1. General

1.1 Uniform must be worn by all students at all classes and whenever representing Big Little Theatre School. We reserve the right to remove any student from their class if the uniform policy is not adhered to.

1.2 An application form must be completed in full and signed by both student and parent in order to enrol as a Big little student.

1.3 Any medical conditions must be declared on the enrolment form.

1.4 Big Little Theatre School offers a free trial to all students, new and existing who wish to try a class.

1.5 All students are required to sign in and register when they arrive at their class, rehearsals and performances. In the event of the student needing to leave class early, the permission of the class teacher/director must be obtained in order to be recorded.

1.6 Any learning difficulties should be notified to the school upon enrolment in order to assist us in monitoring progress and ensuring a productive and supportive environment.

1.7 Any student who is approached or volunteers to partake in any stage performance with any other company or society (with the exception of normal school productions during term time) must inform the school prior to any agreement being made to participate. Youth Theatre students please refer to the information letter ‘performing in other shows’.

1.8 Big Little Theatre School and it representatives cannot under any circumstances be responsible for any student outside of the advertised times of classes and rehearsals.

1.9 The primary method of communication by Big little is via email, therefore an accurate email address for both students and parents is essential. Email bulletins are sent on a regular basis.

1.10 Appropriate photographs and video will be used as a means of identifying a child, for medical information and for show programmes, school publicity and promotional material. The use of cameras and mobile phones by students is expressly forbidden in inappropriate environments such as classes and dressing rooms. The law forbids the videoing or photography of any copyright material.

2. Fees and Payment

2.1 Once a free trial in a class has been attended and confirmation has been received by Big Little that they wish to enrol in that class, the terms fees are then due and an invoice is sent.

2.2 Big Little offers a free trial in classes but this is subject to an place being requested and confirmed in advance. No charge is made if a student does not take up a place.

2.3 Any student enrolling in a class midterm will be charged a pro rata fee. This will be calculated and invoiced dependent on the number of weeks remaining in that term.

2.4 Any student wishing to withdraw from a class is required to give a full half terms notice or payment in lieu of notice. If a student wishes to withdraw from a class part way through their first term, the fees for that term are due and notice can be given for the following term. Notice is required either in writing or by email.

2.5 Fees are due at the beginning of each term unless a payment plan has been requested on an invoice payment form and agreed by Big Little.

2.6 Term fees do not include the provision of resources, such as plays, scripts, music, books, CD’s or other such items which students are expected to provide for themselves. Big Little reserves the right to charge a fee for resources that are given or borrowed by a student. Weekly resources such as song sheets and acting studies will be provided at no extra cost.

2.7 Examination fees will be charged on confirmation of entry and are payable immediately.

2.8 Any discounts are given at the discretion the School.

2.9 All deposits in respect of any course are non-refundable unless the course is cancelled by the school.

3. Exclusions and Expulsion

3.1 In the event that the School considers that a student or parent is in breach of these terms and condition or any regulation that is issued from time to time by the school, or if the behaviour of any students is disruptive or likely to bring the school into disrepute, the school reserve the right to exclude the student.

3.2 Any decision to exclude any student will be taken by the Principal and only after the student has been given a reasonable opportunity to state his or her case.

3.3 In the case that any student is excluded or expelled, no fees or deposits will be paid. The school reserves the right to pursue payment of the balance of any fees due in respect of a class. These will become immediately payable.

4. Regulations

4.1 The school may from time to time introduce regulations for the better running of the school. All students enrolled at the school shall be expected to adhere strictly to any and all such regulations.

5. Definitions The school – Big Little Theatre School Student – any person enrolled in a class or course irrespective of age.

V. 8/2015