Stages & Ages

BIGLITTLE classes are organised by age and school year.


Please have a look at the table below to see what BIG LITTLE STAGE would apply to you or your child.

Once you have established the correct BIGLITTLE STAGE you will be able to look at classes that would be suitable.


For example:-

If you child is in Year 4 at school then the BIGLITTLE STAGE is JUNIOR.

If your child has not started school yet then the BIGLITTLE STAGE is PRE-STARS.

If you are in Year 7 at school then the BIGLITTLE STAGE is INTERMEDIATE.


Pre-Stars 3 – 4 years Pre-School
Mini (Foundation) 5 – 8 years Reception to Year 3
Junior 8 – 11 years Year 4 to Year 6
Intermediate 12 – 14 years Year 7 to Year 10
Senior/Advanced 14 – 16 years Year 10 upwards
Senior/Advanced 16 – 19 years Sixth Form and Gap year