What Classes Are Available At BIGLITTLE?


Big Little offers a wide range of weekday classes, holiday courses & workshops in Musical Theatre, Acting, Singing techniques and Dance.  Classes are available in Bournemouth and Ringwood. 


The styles of training vary according to the discipline taught and also the objective of the class.  There are opportunities for students to take Acting and Speech & Drama examinations under the LAMDA syllabus and LAMDA examinations in Musical Theatre but there is no pressure for any students to take an examination and we also offer internal BIGLITTLE assessments to help measure progress.

We welcome students of all abilities and aim to develop personal excellence through performance in a nurturing environment whether the student is seeking a career in the industry or pursuing performing arts as a hobby.  We aim to give your child the confidence and self-belief to shine – a gift that will last a lifetime…

Musical Theatre

Classes in Musical Theatre – Singing, Dancing and Acting – in one class are available at both Ringwood and Bournemouth from reception age (Age 4+) right up to age 19.  These classes are called THEATRE MACHINE (MINI, JUNIOR & INTERMEDIATE) and include a performance opportunity on stage annually and the option to follow the LAMDA syllabus for Acting.  For students aged 8 plus, who would like to take performing to the next level, we offer YOUTH THEATRE.

Youth Theatre Companies

We offer four Saturday Youth Theatre companies; FOOTLIGHTS (8-11 year olds), LIMELIGHTS (12-15 year olds), STARLIGHTS (15-19 year olds) and PDP (16-19 year olds). PDP is a Professional Development Programme for students aspiring to train at top Theatre Schools with a view to a career in the industry.  The students in each Company work on performance skills – Singing, Dancing & Acting – with a Musical Director and Choreographer covering Musical Theatre material.    Students in Youth Theatre perform on stage twice a year at ARTSFEST and also at The Pavilion Theatre, Bournemouth.  There are often more performance opportunities throughout the year especially for the senior students.


For children aged 8+ we offer classes in ACTING following the LAMDA syllabus with the option to take examinations.  The syllabus can be followed up to Grade 8 Gold and UCAS points are accredited from Grade 6 LAMDA upwards helping towards University entrance.  Examinations are not compulsory for younger students.

Dance – Big Little School of Dance

We offer a range of NON-SYLLABUS Dance classes for students from age 8 – 19.  Classes include PERFORMANCE BALLET, BOYS PERFORMANCE DANCE and GIRLS PERFORMANCE DANCE classes.  The performance dance classes cover different styles of dance including Jazz, Lyrical, Street, Stomp, Contemporary and Musical Theatre and the Performance Ballet classes are specialist non-syllabus classes for skills and technique in RAD Ballet.


SINGING is an integral part of BIGLITTLE’S Musical Theatre classes but if you are looking for one to one tuition we offer private singing lessons.  Younger children (Age 5 – 11) are offered weekly lessons following the ABRSM syllabus with the option to take examinations or the LAMDA Musical Theatre syllabus.  Older children are offered weekly lessons following the LAMDA Musical Theatre syllabus with the option to take examinations on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.  Lessons are booked on a termly basis.

Summer Schools, Holiday Workshops & Master Classes

Each Summer BIGLITTLE runs a series of highly popular and successful Summer Schools.  The Junior Summer school for students aged 5-11 have been in existence since the school started and have developed into a fantastic starting point for many students who have gone on to join the Youth Theatre. It runs for a week culminating in a showcase for parents, family and friends.  The Senior Summer School ‘Musical in a Week’ (Year 9 plus) is an opportunity for older students to have a week working intensely with a Musical Director and Choreographer developing skills to workshop a Musical from scratch culminating in a performance.

BIGLITTLE also runs themed Holiday workshops for children aged 5-11 during Half Term weeks and also the Easter holidays.  In addition to this we run throughout the year various one off events, workshops and master classes to enhance training.  The workshops are open to BIGLITTLE students and to non-BIGLITTLE students who would like to experience what we have to offer.

Performance Opportunities

Annual Summer Show

Each year BIGLITTLE Youth Theatre students (PDP, STARLIGHTS, LIMELIGHTS & FOOTLIGHTS) perform in our annual BIGLITTLE summer show ‘SHOWTUNES’ at The Pavilion Theatre, Bournemouth.  The SHOWTUNES series started as a show entitled ‘Big Little Theatre School – In The Spotlight’ in 2001 and since then the ‘brand’ has evolved to become ‘SHOWTUNES’  which has provided over 800 students with wonderful performance opportunities witnessed by over 30,000 people.  Big Little passionately believes in providing the best for our students and changes in the format of the show have increased the opportunities for each student and enabled us to use the talents and creativity of a number of top London based theatre professionals, directors, choreographers and actors to create and stage sections of the show.  The result is a fantastic ‘West End’ or this year ‘Broadway!’ type show in which students have a very special performance opportunity.


Each year every BIGLITTLE student has the opportunity to perform on stage in the Spring term.


Vision is the performing name of the school’s PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT PROGRAMME. Throughout the year VISION present a varied programme of musical theatre at concerts and events throughout Dorset & Hampshire often helping to raise money for charity.  VISION has gained an excellent reputation by performing at prestigious events.

Concerts & other events

There are often performance opportunities that are advised to students and parents throughout the year.